Pizza with vegetables

Dough ingredients four hundred grams of white flour. A hundred grams of vegetable oil. Half a tablespoon of instant yeast. ¼ teaspoon of table salt. ¼ teaspoon of white sugar. At least a cup of lukewarm water

Sauce ingredients half a kilo of ripe tomatoes. Habtan tablespoons of chopped onion. A tablespoon of oregano. Half a teaspoon of salt. Small tablespoons of vegetable oil. Half a tablespoon of dried basil. A quarter of a tablespoon of black pepper.

Padding pizza ingredients Cassin of grated mozzarella cheese. And a half cup of mushroom section. A large clove of minced garlic. Four teaspoons of pure olive oil. Half cup of black olives. Eight pieces of artichoke. A box of popcorn. Four tomatoes cut into slices disease

Keep careful preparation, the way sugar, salt, instant yeast in a bowl and Nhrkhm using a wooden spoon. Add lukewarm water, and oil to the previous mixture, and continue dough by hand until we get a soft, cohesive dough. Cover the bowl towel, then leave it in a warm place  كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض until ferments and increases its size. Prepare the sauce: Cut the tomatoes into small pieces. Keep the oil in a frying pan, over medium heat until heated, then add the onion, and continue Ptkulaibh until tender. Add the chopped tomatoes, and We turn them over until soft, and leave the mixture on the fire until we get a homogeneous mixture. Add the black pepper, basil and oregano, salt, and toss ingredients together, then the guest the pan from the heat, and leave aside to cool. Runs the oven at two hundred and twenty degrees centigrade. Manfred dough using Shobak, on a hard surface

, and then put them in a circular tray, Nfredha thickness we desire. Keep the oil, mushrooms, and garlic in a saucepan and Nqlbhm well. Brush the dough with the sauce from all sides, and then sow on her face mozzarella cheese. Distribute the mushroom mixture over a quarter of the dough, and distribute corn above the other quarter, cut the tomatoes on the third quarter, cutting the ground and above the spindle remaining quarter. We distribute black olives on the pizza. Chinese to get into a hot oven for a period of not less than one third of an hour or so take a golden

Pizza with vegetables

Cassin of flour dough ingredients. Small spoon of salt. A teaspoon of sugar. Teaspoon of yeast. A tablespoon of olive oil. Half a cup of water, or more, depending on the type of flour.

Bean sauce onion chopped fine mince. Two tablespoons of tomato paste. Thyme type Oregano. Salt, to taste-. Cup of mushrooms. Cup of yellow corn. Green olives -hsp prefer, clip. Sweet green peppers prefer, -hsp clip. A tablespoon of vegetable  كشف تسربات المياه oil. A cup of water. Mozzarella cheese, or any other type -hsp prefer,.

How to prepare to prepare the dough: prepare a deep bowl, mix the dry dough ingredients well, then add the water and Njn dough well until we get a homogeneous and coherent mixture, then add the olive oil, and leave aside to rest for between half an hour to an hour. To prepare the  شركة كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض sauce: bring a frying pan, and set it on fire, and pour the oil to be protected, then add the onion, salt, and toss the mixture well until tender, then add the tomato paste, thyme, a cup of water, and let the mixture boil gluten, and then leave it aside. Bring tray, and single out the dough, then brush the dough with the sauce, and then put the green pepper, yellow corn, mushrooms, green olives, and finally add the grated cheese. Quieten the oven at normal temperature and bake the pizza in it, then we offer.

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