shrimp soup

Ingredients،five hundred grams of peeled shrimp. Lobster medium-sized detergent and peeled. Five hundred gram  of fish fillets (such as desired). Two hundred grams of mussels. Besltan tablespoons finely chopped. A tablespoon and a half of the minced garlic. Gar papers. A tablespoon of natural vinegar. Four tablespoons of olive oil. Four large red beads peeled and mashed tomato. Three and a half tablespoons of tomato sauce. Two-thirds of a cup of chopped shallots finely. Half a cup of chopped parsley. Tablespoons chopped basil. Teaspoon of zest lemon peel. Salt and black pepper as needed. Lemon juice (to provide). Basil leaves for garnish.

Preparation Keep peel shrimp, peel lobsters in a pot and Ngmarhama good amount of water and garlic and add to them the amount of onion and bay leaf, and then put the pot over medium heat and let it boil, then reduce the fire and leave the pot on low heat for twenty minutes until we get the broth center. Gravy halves of impurities and leave it aside. Keep the remaining quantity of onions in a pan with a little oil over medium heat, and Nqlbh until tender, then add a chopped shallots, and a little minced garlic, and turn the ingredients for a minute then add his tomatoes and tomato puree paste and We turn them over to the fire. Add the lemon zest to the saucepan and let the sauce Tzbk cover the pot and leave it to simmer for about a quarter of an hour.

Add shrimp, lobsters and fish section of the saucepan and stirring the ingredients on the fire, then add the broth, which have previously Houdrnaha and cover the pot and let it boil for ten minutes. Put mussel soup and let it simmer until where needed almost five minutes. Add parsley and salt and pepper to the soup and raise the amount of the fire. Heat two tablespoons of oil in a frying pan and Nschenha and put two sheets of basil and leave it until you start shrinking and taken out of the oil and put it on the kitchen paper to get rid of the oil. Pour the soup into individual dishes and then decorate them with leaves of basil and fried with our toast.

Shrimp soup with cream

Ingredients kilo of peeled shrimp. Tablespoons of melted butter. Cup section of the fungus in advance. Big three tablespoons of white flour. Tablespoons of fresh cream. A cube of chicken broth. A tablespoon of chopped onion finely. Liters of liquid fresh milk. Salt to taste and taste.

Preparation Bring a saucepan and set it on fire and put the butter and onions in it and stirred a good way. Add the shrimp to the pot and move it until it turns pink color. Add mushrooms and white flour to the above ingredients and continued stirring. Stir ingredients over low heat heat. Add milk and cream, respectively, to the above ingredients, and the continued stirring well. Add salt and chicken cube to the ingredients and left to boil over low heat for approximately ten minutes.

Shrimp soup Mushrooms

Ingredients six cups of chicken soup, or water. Shrimps bag (shrimp), cleaned and ready. Tray of mushrooms. Onion. Tablespoons flour. A box of corn. Mkaaban Maggie (chicken broth). A box of cream. A cube of chicken broth, in the event of the use of water. Cup of Kraft cheese. Salt and black pepper to taste

Preparation Wash the shrimp, then put it in cold water with the onion for a period of thirty minutes. Mix the cream with the amount of half a cup of water. Mix the flour and chicken soup with water earlier in the same way. Put the cups water in a saucepan, and add the corn, mushrooms and leave to boil. Put the shrimp in the pot, then add the cream and flour bottom and chicken, and keep stirring. Put the chicken broth and cheese cubes and keep stirring, then add salt and black pepper in the quantities you like!.

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